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Icon Hospital diagnostic center provides a wide range of Facilities 24*7; we provide facility for Non Invasive cardio diagnostics, Radiology diagnostics and Pathology service also

Cardio-respiratory diagnostic includes 2D Echo (with Vivid4 machine), Tread Mill Test (TMT), and 24-hour ambulatory Holter monitor, PFT

 Radiology Department is equipped with 6-slice CT scan, Ultra sound, Doppler, Digital X-ray and Barium test. Radiology department is managed by experienced M.D. Radiologist round the clock.

 ICON Pathology department is one of the well-equipped laboratory in town. The standard & quality is maintained by regular use of controls with qualified & experienced staff.

The department is fully equipped with: automated Biochemistry analyzer:, Semi automated Biochemistry analyzer, Dry Chemistry analyzer, Fully automated cell counter, Icon selective Electrolytes analyzer, ABC analyzer, Coagulometer and Nycocard dry chemistry analyzer.

Others diagnostics services include EEG, EMG (Nerve conduction

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